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What we do

Calgary Black Chambers (CBC) is a not-for-profit organization looking to increase Black leadership capacity, and uplift BIPOC culture throughout Calgary by community volunteering and providing scholarships for our future generations.

The CBC forges opportunities for Black professionals to further their professional development and give back to their community.


Our mentorship programme is designed to help build confidence in BIPOC students & young professionals.

CBC Mentorship Programme

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Elevating Black students through scholarships, recognition, and financial support.

CBC Scholarships

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We've created a safe space of Fellowship for BIPOC professionals and students to share their opinions and thoughts.

Importance of community

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Our History

In 2019, a group of black professionals decided it was time to unite. Lacking an organization with the stated goal of bringing together black people of all descents, Calgary’s black people had limited options to connect outside their respective communities. The founding members of the Calgary Black Chambers help the culture of Calgary flourish through providing a strong, unified voice for our people. With our professional membership, we maintain a strong focus on ethics, merit, and compassion.

After much discussion, we decided to hold the ideal of Mentorship as fundamental to our purpose. Now, we are focused of providing mentorship for the next generation, giving Calgary BIPOC students a leg up, with guidance and aid in-kind to reach their life goals.



Chi is actively involved in the community. She currently serves on the boards of Alberta University of the Arts, where she also acts as Chair of the Human Resources and Governance Committee, and Antyx Community Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to engaging youth through the arts, where she also sits on the Human Resources and Governance Committee.



Brian helps executives reimagine and achieve their goals by altering the context and expanding their leadership and communication practices. Brian coaches and leads programs for CEOs, business leaders and staff across North America and Europe.



Our Blog

Multicultural Sensibility and Awareness

Multicultural Awareness involves a greater understanding, sensitivity, and awareness of the history, values, experiences, and lifestyles of groups that include, but, are not limited to, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation,

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