Calgary Black Chambers Scholarship Fund

Since 2019, the Calgary Black Chambers has been elevating Black students, youths and professionals, to aspire to their biggest dreams. With Scholarships being a core value, the CBC works to provide our students with financial aid to help them reach their goals. 

In partnership with the Calgary Foundation, the Calgary Black Chambers Scholarship Fund (CBCSF) was established in 2020 with the goal of supporting and promoting the academic achievements of Calgary’s Black students. Despite the fact that many Black students believe they can succeed in post-secondary education, there are numerous barriers in their way. We hope to make their journey less arduous through our support.

The CBCSF is adjudicated by an appointed committee of education, government, business, and Calgary Foundation professionals, with the fund managed separately from the Calgary Black Chambers Society. This independence allows our supporters to directly finance a student’s education while receiving a charitable donation receipt.

We primarily finance our scholarships through the donations of Calgary corporations and institutions, with their choice of the name of the scholarship and the specific area of study it covers. The CBCSF then adjudicates based on a variety of factors including academic performance, financial need, community contributions, and adherence to our core values. 

In addition to our corporate-sponsored scholarships, we offer four Calgary Black Chambers Legacy Scholarships for students who best represent our core values in the community. Students who excel in creating fellowship, advocating and supporting each other, elevating the level of scholarship within our community, and mentoring their younger peers, are eligible for the CBC Legacy Scholarships named after famous Canadian Black people.

Applications for these scholarships are now available for the 2022-2023 semesters.

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The Calgary Black Chambers Legacy Scholarships

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