At the heart of what we do

Our mentorship program involves three parts:

One on One mentorship

Our soft skills course

Volunteering opportunities

One on One Mentorship


Life can be difficult sometimes, our mentors can help guide you past the obstacles you face


What you should be doing isn’t always clear. A professional mentor in your area of interest can help you see what you should be doing.


Often we know where we want to go but struggle to motivate ourselves. Our mentors work hard do empower you to succeed.


There are things we need to know. The Calgary Black Chambers mentors provide detailed training to help you do what you want to do.

Goal Setting

Understanding what realistic goals look like and creating steps to get there is a big piece of how we help you.

These components provide you with a path towards where you want to go and the ability to get there.


And all this so that you can reach the level of success you aspire to.

Soft Skills

2 in 3 jobs

Will be soft skills intensive by 2030

1 in 4 managers

Have trouble finding people with appropriate soft skills

900% more likes

Soft skills get more endorsements on social

Soft skills are Professionalism, Communication skills, the ability to work as a team, personal ethics, problem-solving and critical thinking, the skills to be able to network efficiently, and how to control your emotions, attitude, and enthusiasm.

These are a very important part of jobs both now and in the future where we will work with people in other cities and even other continents. Developing your soft skills will help you to work more efficiently and eventually, help you build better companies.

Business success of softskills

Career Coaching

It's important to know the steps to get the job you want.

Career Path Navigation

Career path navigation is knowing what steps need to be taken to get the career you want

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is having the opportunity to see what the job looks like on a day to day basis

Resume Writing

You need to be able to write a resume to get a job. We can help you write a perfect one.

Interview Preparation

When it’s time, you’ll need to prepare for an interview.

Post Interview Support

We provide support afterwards to review how the job interview went and where to go from here.


Why volunteering?

We help our mentees build out their resumes with volunteer opportunities. With substantive items on your resume, it's that much easier to find the job you want.

Do you want to join our Mentorship program?

Becoming a Mentee

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Providing Mentorship

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