Calgary Black Chambers Scholarship Update

The Calgary Black Chambers is proud to announce the completion of our 2021 Scholarship program.  The Calgary Black Chamber Scholarship Committee was immersed for a week, pouring over the 100+ scholarship applications received by the Calgary Foundation where the scholarship fund is administered. After hours of deliberation, this committee selected the very best, although there …

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From Anger to Making a Lasting Difference

Today my questions have a biting edge to them and come out in a loud screaming voice that cries, “Why does this keep happening to people of colour?” or “How do we get them to stop treating us this way?” or “When will society finally change?”

Racism in Calgary

Racism in Calgary, it exists. Regrettably, this is not only an issue that resides in Calgary, it’s a global one. As a Black woman who was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to parents who immigrated from Jamaica, I was raised with good morals and was taught the “Golden Rule” as a child: treat …

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Securing a full scholarships and monthly stipend as an International Graduate Student (Part 2)

Disclaimer! You should read Part 1 of this blogpost here.  Thank you all for your wonderful feedback from the first part of the blogpost, it was beneficial to see the different perspectives and to get me thinking on how best to address your questions in this post. Now let’s get right into it! I got …

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Multicultural Sensibility and Awareness

Multicultural Awareness involves a greater understanding, sensitivity, and awareness of the history, values, experiences, and lifestyles of groups that include, but, are not limited to, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religious Affiliation, Socioeconomic Status, Mental or Physical Abilities. This is the idea that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and …

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