Calgary Black Chambers

The 2022 Calgary Black Achievement Awards were incredible!

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Uniting the community

We’ve created a safe space of Fellowship for BIPOC professionals and students to share their opinions and thoughts.

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Elevating our students

Through mentorship, we build confidence in BIPOC students & young professionals through experience and guidance.

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Helping our best achieve more

Elevating Black students through scholarships, recognition, and financial support, aiding those who will change the future.

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Our Vision

Calgary Black Chambers (CBC) will be recognized for enacting positive change on behalf of Black & BIPOC professionals and students within Calgary and surrounding areas through our values of Advocacy, Fellowship, Mentorship, and Scholarships.



In 2019, a group of black professionals decided it was time to unite. Lacking an organization with the stated goal of bringing together black people of all descents, Calgary’s black people had limited options to connect outside their respective communities. The founding members of the Calgary Black Chambers help the culture in Calgary flourish through providing a strong, unified voice for our people. With our professional membership, we maintain a strong focus on ethics, merit, and compassion.

After much discussion, we decided to hold the ideal of Mentorship as fundamental to our purpose. Now in 2020, we’re focused on providing mentorship for the next generation, giving Calgary BIPOC students a leg up, with guidance and aid in-kind to reach their life goals.

Why the CBC?

Our membership represents doctors, lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, business owners and professionals from over 50 market sectors.

With over 44,000 people of African descent in Calgary, there is an outstanding need to unite the various Black groups in Calgary to provide a voice and support to those in our community who need it most.

The challenge

Being Black is still difficult.

In a 2019 report, 13% of Black Canadians, compared to 6% of their non-Black counterparts, experienced workplace discrimination. Young Black men are nearly twice as likely as other young males to not be in Employment, Education, or Training. Teachers and professionals may have more negative preconceptions and more limited expectations of the academic potential and skills of Black youth.

The solution

Tackling the problem with our Values

Professionals providing Mentorship for BIPOC students
Inspiring young Black people to see the possibilities of education through Scholarships. We’re advocating for Black professionals and youth to help overcome discrimination. We’ve created a community of like-minded professionals willing to put in the effort to empower young BIPOC people.

The results

Over $100,000 raised to support change in our Community & 70+ mentors for students and young professionals

We’re targeting over $50,000 annually for our scholarships and working to provide everyone with a professional mentor who can help you reach your goals.

We need more mentors to help BIPOC students here in Calgary!

Do you think you can help?

It’s time to do something. The problems which face Black people won’t go away on their own. Check out how you can help elevate Black culture in Calgary!

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