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Our Mentorship Program Offers

One on One Mentorship

Provides support, advices, coaching and training to our mentees

Our Soft Skill Course

Helping our mentees developing soft skills to them work more efficiently as professionals

Volunteering Opportunity

Assisting our mentees building out the resume experience with volunteer opportunity.

Joining our Mentorship Program


We are seeking mentors for our grade 11 & 12 mentees enrolled in Calgary high schools. We need your experience and expertise to help them reach the next level. Please let us know where you’d like to help below and we’ll train you to be the best mentor you can be. 

We only ask for 4 hours a month from our mentors, optionally, they can take on an additional student for a total of 8 hours. We provide training and all materials necessary to help you be the best mentor, providing students who might not otherwise have access to the experience and networks in present in Calgary. After you sign up, ask you to complete a police background check and a training course we administer. After that, you’ll be paired with an individual looking to grow.


To become a mentee, students must be in grade 11 & 12, and enrolled in Calgary high schools. 

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