Calgary Black Achievement Awards 2021

Presented by CIBC


Calgary Black Chambers invites you to celebrate Black excellence with us! Let’s take the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of those among us who are making a difference in the community and doing great work in their respective fields.

On February 6, 2021, the Calgary Black Achievement Awards will be held online via Zoom broadcast. Like most events in this era, going virtual is the reality for safety. As resilient people, we are taking advantage of the increased accessibility afforded us by an online platform to accommodate all who wish to celebrate, with no capacity constraints.

Why do we need an awards ceremony?

Black people have been in the Calgary area for many years and have made significant contributions to the growth and vibrancy of this great city. It is important to show our youth, newcomers, and established residents, that noteworthy accomplishments are being made by our people in several domains. Let's show our youth that there are Black people doing amazing things, not just showing up, but excelling in their fields.

The award categories are intended to cover the major areas of contribution. However, we recognize that not everything will be represented and invite suggestions for subsequent years.

We urge you to nominate people so we may formally recognize those who are making us proud. The deadline is January 8th, so please let us know about people making a difference in Calgary.

Award Categories

Nominees must be Calgary-based and have exhibited an impressive history of high-achievement, success and excellence within the past year in one of the following categories:

Arts, Media and Entertainment

An individual who uses expression or application of human creative skill and imagination to enrich our community

Business and Entrepreneurship

An individual in a leadership position in business or who created a successful new business

Community Service

An individual who provides service and time to improve our community


An individual in education making a positive impact in the lives of our students and youth in Calgary


An individual working in the Legal field who make an impact in the community


An individual practicing in the Medical field working to improve the lives of their patients, their students, and research in the field


An individual who excels in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and who is creating opportunities for Black community members to get involved and join the field

Sports & Athletics

An individual with athletic achievements, playing and on the sidelines

Youth Achievement

A young individual (under 30) who has positively impacted our community in any of the above areas

Lifetime Achievement

An individual whose continued contributions over the years made Calgary a better place to live for Black people

Nominations are now closed