2023 Scholarship Recipients

Calgary Black Chambers Anderson Ruffin Abbott Academic Achievement Scholarship


Irene Nwokeforo
and Said Hussein

Calgary Black Chambers John Ware Fellowship Scholarship


Preye Igoniderigha
and Kaeyo Doyle

Calgary Black Chambers Olivier Le Jeune Advocacy Scholarship


Ebisidor Alisha Omusuku
and Misgana Abraha

Calgary Black Chambers Viola Desmond Mentorship Scholarship


Damilola Anifowose
and Douye Igoniderigha

Calgary Black Chambers Violet King Legacy Scholarship


Jeannie Remy
and Amna Idris

Calgary Black Chambers Pembina Leadership Scholarship



Ayah Abdalla, Hamidat Bello, Ilokugbe Egbase, Oto Uffort, Anonymous

Calgary Black Chambers Calgary Sport & Entertainment Group Athletic Achievement Scholarships


Xavier Spencer

Calgary Black Chambers KPMG Academic Excellence Scholarship


Bisola Anifowose

Calgary Black Chambers BMO Community Leadership Scholarship



Michael Girum
and Tabitha Awosika

Calgary Black Chambers Blakes Law Scholarship


Keren Harrison

Thank You Messages

From some of our recipients.

Again, I would just like to thank you everyone at the Calgary Black Chambers, for awarding me with this scholarship that is helping me to achieve my biggest dreams.

Thank you for your investment in my future... I can now spend less hours working, and more hours studying and volunteering within my community. Receiving this scholarship relieves a lot of pressure and gives me a better opportunity to excel.

This award will help to alleviate the financial cost of my higher education. In receiving this award, I am greatly motivated to continue to perform in my academic pursuit.

... I am always so reluctant on applying for scholarships and my mom would always tell me that if I never signed up for any scholarships, I would never receive any scholarships. I used to feel like I could never find any scholarships where I would be a good candidate. When I was introduced to the Calgary Black Chambers, I immediately started my application, feeling like I had finally found a scholarship that fit me. I feel blessed and lucky to have been chosen as a recipient. I would like to thank everyone at the Calgary Black Chambers for putting together such amazing scholarships for young black men and women in university. I’m more than honored to accept this scholarship ... I hope I am able to pave the way for many young black business students & athletes in my future. It is an incredible financial burden off my shoulders and the shoulders of future applicants to be able to apply for these scholarships and to not stress about tuition or books because there are organizations like the Calgary Black Chambers who see us and strive to help us achieve.

I would like to say a gigantic thank you to you all for awarding me this scholarship. It is a huge financial help and it means so much. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. It will enable me to complete my degree, so that I can actualize my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. It is so, so appreciated.