Calgary Black Achievement Awards

The Calgary Black Chambers board meeting with MLAs David Shepard and Jasvir Deol

The time to celebrate Calgary’s most distinguished Black people has arrived!

The Calgary Black Chambers Society is proud to announce the 2021 Calgary Black Achievement Awards (CBAA) sponsored by CIBC, highlighting Black professionals’ contributions to our great city of Calgary. After such a challenging year, the time is right to recognize those within our community who continue to thrive. As resilient people, we are taking advantage of the increased accessibility afforded us by an online platform to accommodate all who wish to celebrate. On February 6, 2021, the Calgary Black Achievement Awards will be held online via Youtube Live at 6 pm.

The Calgary Black Chambers believes this event will shine a spotlight on those previously unrecognized in Calgary. One of the Calgary Black Chambers’ key values is fellowship, tightening the knit of the numerous African diaspora groups in Calgary. This event serves as a night where we can all come together and celebrate our very best. The CBAAs platform elevates successful Black people through providing recognition of their significant contributions to our community.

Fundamental to the Calgary Black Chambers’ mission, we ensure our students can see people who look like them succeeding. Inspiring Black people are numerous but for too long have gone unrecognized. Continuing in the mission of previous Black Calgary awards shows, we intend to keep the torch lit for the next generation.

Nominations are open until January 22nd for the following categories: Arts, Media & Entertainment; Business and Entrepreneurship; Community Service; Education; Law; Medicine; Science, Technology, Engineering & Math; Sports & Athletics; Youth Achievement; Lifetime Achievement. During the two hour event, we’ll be joined by numerous Calgary dignitaries and a representative from CIBC, our title sponsor. 

“Through leadership and education, we advocate and recognize the Black greatness present in Calgary; building confidence in our youth. This is the legacy of the Calgary Black Chambers” – Jon Cornish, President, Co-Founder

About the Calgary Black Chambers

Calgary Black Chambers is a society of Black professionals and entrepreneurs who saw the need to establish a not-for-profit organization, for Black professionals and entrepreneurs, students and upcoming professionals, to have resources available to support their endeavor’s through the Calgary Black Chambers core values of Mentorship, Scholarship, Fellowship and Advocacy.