Calgary Black Chambers Scholarship Update

The Calgary Black Chambers is proud to announce the completion of our 2021 Scholarship program. 

The Calgary Black Chamber Scholarship Committee was immersed for a week, pouring over the 100+ scholarship applications received by the Calgary Foundation where the scholarship fund is administered. After hours of deliberation, this committee selected the very best, although there were many difficult decisions because of the high quality of the applications. Of the 15 scholarships we had available, 12 were awarded this year. Unfortunately, two scholarships for black and BIPOC education students went unfulfilled. We understand this is due to few black students studying in education, something we’re working on addressing. Additionally, one Calgary Sports and Entertainment scholarship was also unfilled of the three available. These 3 unfilled scholarships worth $1,000 each have been carried forward for 2022.

With that said, we distributed $26,000 of the $29,000 available to support students in the Calgary area. Over the coming weeks, we will be interviewing some of the students who agreed to participate and we will very much look forward to spotlighting their talents, personality, and experience. Many of our applicants had a great deal of community service which we will also enjoy sharing with the community. 

This announcement is a large part of the Calgary Black Chambers’ effort to change the narrative for Black students. Due to the quality and amount of applications we have received, we will be seeking to ever increase the size of our annual giving in 2022.

Please check back in the coming weeks to hear about the scholarship recipients. Thank you to our Corporate donors and membership; your support in getting our scholarship program off the ground is why this aid is now available to Black students. 

The Calgary Black Chambers has now raised over $100,000 in support of our community in Calgary. Please join us at our next meeting to discuss our next steps as we continue to expand CBC’s services and programs.

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